2009 Cabernet

Our 2009 Cabernet is a smooth operator. With a soft tongue of blackberry and chocolate, a nose hinting of cracked pepper and plum, this deep, dark red is in perfect company with any cheese, meat or poultry. Perfect for decanting and enjoying all evening while an ever-so-slight kiss of Oak. Always unfined and unfiltered.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Valley AVA

15% Alcohol by Vol.

42 Cases Produced

2009 Syrah

Our 2009 Syrah is a statement in BOLD. With a color nearing that of midnight-black the flavors and essence of this wine are incredibly rich. This Syrah has a slight palate of ripe fruit and molasses with notes of leather and smoke. The fruit is balanced well by the natural acid, making this wine excellent for drinking any time, for any reason. Pairs well with braised meats or any afternoon BBQ. Always unfined and unfiltered.

100% Syrah

Columbia Valley AVA

14.8% Alcohol by Vol.

49 Cases Produced


2010 Chardonnay

Deep in color, unusual for a modern Washington Chardonnay and presented in clear glass to display the tone and clarity, Naughty Vines 2010 Chardonnay is rich with Oak and smooth on the palate. The acid balances the finish with a hint of tropical fruit and only the slightest notion of vanilla bean. Can stand up to a steak but right at home with fish or poultry. Unfined and unfiltered.

95% Chardonnay | 5% Semillon

Columbia Valley AVA

13.5% Alcohol by Vol.​

25 Cases Produced


2010 Semillon

We balked at tradition and brought more character to our Semillon by aging it in Taransaud French Oak. With green apple, pear and other light fruits you're always feeling refreshed. This is a summer wine you can chill and drink to hydrate... please don't drink wine to hydrate. Pairs well with white-sauce pastas and fish. Unfined and unfiltered.

100% Semillon
Columbia Valley AVA

13.0% Alcohol by Vol.

29 Cases Produced


2008 Syrah

​​​​​​​​​​​​Deep purple in color with aromatic earth tones comprise our first red wine, a 2008 Syrah from Zillah, Washington. We experimented with a natural approach to full flavor with a 50% stem-in fermentation. This gives the wine a gentle yet noticeable earth tone that completes the unique flavor of this untraditional Washington Syrah. Unfined and unfiltered.

100% Syrah

Columbia Valley AVA

14.0% Alcohol by Vol.

10 Cases Produced

​2008 Viognier

​​​​​​​​​​​The first. The only. The GodZilla from Zillah! This is what we knew we wanted to do and in the basement  and garage of Craig's home late in 2008 we made it a reality. Our 2008 Viognier is a wonder in beginners luck. We'd like to take all of the credit here but some times things just work out. It's light on alcohol so you can enjoy plenty at once, it's flavorful and bright like a true Washington white and it has the surprise complexity that you'd never expect from your first wine. Who knows, maybe our OCD nature of wine making helped here?

100% Viognier

Columbia Valley AVA

12.0% Alcohol by Vol.

6 Cases Produced